Tour in Jaffa – Tel Aviv

Jaffa, the old port city of Israel, has become for many people a fascinating entertainment place, stone houses,  ancient  alleys,art galleries, pubs,  the beautiful city square cafes and impressive restaurants on the shore of the ancient port of Jaffa

Join us for a fascinating tour, To hear the story of Jaffa, which began to develop from the port of Jerusalem and became  entertainment area for Young people who enjoy spending time in an ancient place between the artist galleries and the Mediterranean coast .Come with me to enjoy a magical place, hear fascinating stories and enjoy special views  of ancient city that time only does good for here.

A tour suitable for a group, a team of employees, a family

What’s on the tour?
We will start from the Clock Square in Jaffa, the local mosque, The old town hall, a view towards Tel Aviv, the beaches and the skyscrapers, we will visit the Square of the Ancients, We will visit the port of Jaffa.

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